The First and Last B-side (Teaser 2022.)

The First and Last Pictureshow (2019)

Benny and Billy: The First and Last B-Side.


Coming Soon, Some Sunny Day.

To help celebrate the launch of the Skate Career Heaven podcasts, we have conducted a vlog / edit for 2022.


Joey Sinko gives his last performance in an educational vlog as (Benny) a skateboard archivist, who dreams of his late twin brother Billy (Joey Sinko) and their dream of starting a "Skate Career Heaven" podcast together.


While mourning Billy, Benny gains interst in old america, 80's music and some old b movies

(which send him and his mental health, into a spiral.)  Benny seeks refuge in his truth, in his light, in a post covid world.


Created with love, for the brotherhood of skateboarding.  


    vlog /vläɡ/ : The word vlog is a noun, referring to an individual video. 

  • Long or short. 

  • Most Vlogs on the Internet, consist of an individual exploring official pieces, topical issues, written, and printed for education, comparison and criticism. Under “Fair use” 17  S 107 of the United States Code. 


  • "Picture Vlogs” are usually just that, but designed for audiences, under a personal fashion.  

The First and Last B-side (Trailer 2022.) Coming Soon.