Now Now John: Benny and Billy
Or: The First and Last PictureVlog 

Pierce and Chris: The First and Last Pictureshow (2019)


Not Now John: Benny and Billy Or.. The First and Last PictureVlog


Coming Soon, Some Sunny Day.

Joey Sinko gladly gives his last performance as "John Grimm" (an unlucky actor) 
trying to make sense, out of his wondering imagination.  In this educational vlog / web series, from  (Selah) "Not Now John" titled "Benny and Billy. Or: The First and Last PictureVlog". Sinko, also portrays,  "Benny Bricks",  (A Skateboard enthusiast and struggling archivist,) Who mourns the loss of  his twin Brother, "Billy Bricks," (A successful Skateboard Cinematographer). The 3 of them Collide, in a poetic way, when an idea emerges for Podcast, titled "Skate Career Heaven." Their closely bound souls, find their truth, their new dream, in a post apocalyptic world.


This story is simply told through music, images, skits, and natural effects. Created with love, with Not Now John, and for the brotherhood of Film and skateboarding .


    vlog /vläɡ/ : The word vlog is a noun, referring to an individual video. 

  • Long or short. 

  • Or: Web / Series, (also known as a web show) is a series of scripted or non-scripted (sometimes both) online videos, generally in episodic form. 

  • Most web content, on the Internet, consist of an individual exploring official pieces, topical issues, written, and printed for education, comparison and criticism. Under “Fair use” 17  S 107 of the United States Code. 


  • "Picture Vlogs” are usually just that, but designed for audiences, under a personal fashion.  

Not Now John: Benny and Billy (Trailer 2022.)
Trailer Coming Soon. 

Not Now John: Chapter 4